The State Bar Council of Madhya Pradesh in its 3rd Meeting dt. 19th Oct 2008 held at Indore has resolved as under


Resolution No. 454/GB/08


Considered the matter in respect of enforcing Renewal of License Rules as were framed by the Council. Members expressed their opinion that last time there had been resentment in enforcing the rules, because of the provision of tendering periodical renewal fees by the Advocates. It was also pointed out that its legal pros and cons be also considered at length, instead of Renewal, it shall be requested that Advocates shall submit a periodical declaration after every three years. Shri Radhe Lal Gupta, Hon’ble Treasurer, pointed out that already in Rule 40 of the Bar Council of India Rules, there is a provision of declaration. Last time the Council has called periodical declaration so as to up date the electoral.


After a detailed discussion, it is resolved that every Advocate whose name is existing on the State Roll shall submit the declaration in term of Rule 40 of Bar Council of India. The declaration is partially modified so as to have better information.  It is resolved that Council shall be fixing the date for submitting such declaration and within three months from the date so fixed, each and every Advocate shall furnish the declaration to be sent either directly or through the Bar. It is also resolved that those Advocates who shall not be submitting the declaration, within the period fixed by the Bar Council, then the Secretary shall issue a show cause notice to such defaulting Advocates, to furnish his explanation, within 15 days; then in that event, he shall pay 200/- as late fee to the Council.   If Advocate still remains failed to reply then, matter shall be placed before the Special Committee constituted under Rule 42 of Bar Council of India Rules, shall pass an order for suspending the right of practice.  After due compliance, of the directions of the Special Committee, if some Advocates come forward to explain, the delay, then in that event, such Advocate shall tender Rs. 500/- to the amalgamated fund of State Bar Council of Madhya Pradesh and in that event the Special Committee may  pass suitable order as it deems fit and proper to it. It is resolved that, Council shall fix the fist date of submitting such declaration as 1st Jan 2009. Every Advocate whose name is reflecting on the State Roll, be directed to furnish the declaration upto 31st March 2009. Wide publicity of above be given through print, electronic media as well as through Circulars to the Bar Associations of the State.