(to be submitted in two sets on 10/- non judicial stamp paper)


I ____________________________s/o  /  d/o __________________________

R/o ___________________________________________________________ bearing Enrollment No. _____________________ have been enrolled in the State Bar Council ________________________ in the year__________.                I have obtained law degree during the academic year ___________.  I have     to apply to the next All India Bar Examination to be held on ________                 Dec, 2011. In term of Resolution No. ____________ passed by the Bar Council of India at its meeting held on 4th Sept 2011, I undertake that I will practice as an advocate provisionally till I qualify the All India Bar Examination to be held in December, 2011.  I further undertake that in case I do not qualify the All India Bar Examination, I will not  practice as an advocate before any court in India until the time I qualify in succeeding / subsequent examination.




Date :____________              Signature _____________________

Place: ____________


                                                      Name _______________________


                                                   Enrollment No. _________________


                                                   Address : _____________________